ooku.org is a collective unconscious net art collective
consisting of odan o. kupfer (code)
his imaginary friend andi bissig (sound)
and a cat called nathan e. copper (graphics)

they mostly create music related games and websites for bands and artists

mail: info(at)ooku.org


ooku - a point & click music album

simplify this horse

cesar swing - a two button rhythm platformer made for ludum dare 34

why? - a little art game made in 2 days for the global game jam 2015


lauravogt.ch - artist website of writer Laura Vogt

extrafish.ch - game and website of the balkan-band Extrafish

schööf.ch - band website of the swiss jazzband Schööf.

elenamorena.com - artist website of the dancer Elena Morena Weber.

andibissig.com - artist website of the musician and composer Andi Bissig.